Septic Inspections

Septic Inspection Services


The need for a septic inspection can come from many sources. Sales Contracts / agreements, Buyer concerns and awareness of the importance of a proper inspection, County regulations, Township requirements, lender procedures, FHA / VA loan guarantors.  All septic inspections are based on the information at the time of the inspection and therefore should be client specific and not used for other sales or buyer / seller details. Remember that all inspections rely on accurate information to assure the correct conclusions and recommendations are provided in the report.

The NJDEP provides regulatory and procedural guidance when ever an inspection is performed. This is important to enable comparison of one inspection to the next.

Septic Inspections for Real Estate Transfers


Our nationally certified and trained Inspectors protect you and your investment during a septic inspection. The NJDEP inspection standards and reporting requirements are all found in the Septic Code NJAC 7:9A. It is critical to complete a Septic Inspection for Real Estate transfers in accordance with these procedures and protocols. Choosing a septic inspector trained by either the National Association of Wastewater Technicians (NAWT) or Pennsylvania Septage Management Association (PSMA) is important to protect your throne as we have done since 1972!

Cesspool Evaluations & Inspections

Do you have a cesspool and want to sell your home?  Since April 2, 2012, the updated septic code states that cesspools are not systems.  It also states that all cesspools are required to be updated upon real estate transactions regardless of whether it is in need of repair or alteration.  While generally true for person to person sales, there are exemptions to this general rule which are important and may not require replacement after all.   Call us for more information first as it may save your sale!

Certifcate of Occupany Inspections

English cert of occupancy

Townships may require an inspection for a Certificate of Occupancy only.  This is true for landlords seeking to change tenants.  It is important to note that, while the same procedure should be followed, the level of concerns are different from a real estate transfer.  The CO Inspection is not / cannot be legitimately used to transfer a property to another party as it is not intended for such use.  It may also be used if there is no other reason for the inspection for an owner who has already transferred the property and finds an inspection is needed prior to occupying the property.   A CO septic inspection cannot be used for any future transfer of the property as each inspection is client specific. CO Checklist

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