Restroom Services

Regular Portable Restrooms


English Sewage Disposal, Inc. offers a variety of portable restrooms to meet your every need.  We offer restrooms for both short-term as well as long-term rentals.  We have restrooms for parties, graduations, and special events and offer three varieties to choose from:

  • Regular Portable Restrooms with hand sanitizer;
  • Portable Restrooms with Sinks; and
  • ADA Portable Restrooms for handicapped accessibility.

All come fully stocked and ready for use.  For those renting on a long-term basis, the restrooms are serviced weekly, but can be cleaned more often at a nominal fee.

We will deliver your portable restroom the day before your scheduled event, and pick it up the day after your event.  If your event is on the weekend, we will normally deliver your portable restroom on a Friday, and pick it up on the following Monday; there is no extra charge. Always free delivery Monday through Friday. Weekend & Holidays will incur a nominal fee.

If you have a swimming pool or the neighborhood kids end up at your house consider renting a portable restroom to eliminate the neighborhood kids tracking through your house. We recommend placing the restroom outside the security fence to facilitate ease of placement and cleaning.


Port- A- Jane's

Our Port-A-Jane's are finally here to give women what they deserve - clean portable restrooms that are designed just for them. Every women has experienced one time or another having to use a portable restroom geared for a man. This is especially difficult if you have a small daughter! Our units include hygienic hands-free sink, vanity mirror and do not come with urinals- per our female customer requests! We are committed to constantly providing the state-of-the-art components to make every event a better overall experience. Having the convenience of Men and Women's restrooms at your event will not only satisfy your female occupants but bring a better over all experience for everyone.              (Including shorter line waits)

Ladies Restrooms
Portable Rental Chart

Portable Restroom Chart

Renovating your home/bathroom?  Need a portable restroom for yourself or your construction crew? Unsure how many you need?  We can help you decide on the number of restrooms needed depending upon 2 factors; the number of hours and the amount of people attending or working..

Use the following chart below

Click Here to Print Rental Chart


All Rentals

We also have portable rentals that are suitable for construction sites, farms and nurseries.

  • Farming Pot with sanitizer unit and outside sink & soap
  • Construction Pot with sink & soap
  • Construction Pot with sanitizer unit
  • Standard/Regular with sanitizer unit
  • Standard/Regular with sink & soap
  • ADA for handicapped accessibility
  • Individual Hand washing station with soap


Handicap Accessible restrooms are designed to support individuals with special needs. They provide easy wheelchair access with handrail support to function safely. ADA compliant portable restrooms may be equipped with hand sanitizer units upon request.

Additional uses for ADA rentals are family oriented events. These units are an excellent option because of the large space that can accommodate parents who need to accompany their children to the bathroom.  Great rental for families!!


RV dumping

RV Cleanings


RV Cleaning

Onsite RV cleaning services on an as needed or scheduled basis. A free dump site is available at our facility located at 1082 West Parsonage Rd. Bridgeton, NJ 08302.