Septic Install Services

New Design/System


A new system must start with an engineering design. We can coordinate the engineering process on your behalf or recommend an engineer. For those who would like to handle this process on their own we can recommend several engineers.

After an underground utility mark out is ordered, the engineer schedules profile pits to evaluate the soils. The backhoe operator excavates a minimum of two profile pits so soil evaluations can proceed.  At this time of the soil evaluation the location of the new system is decided and the system design can proceed using the data collected. (i.e. well location, utility lines, neighboring systems & wells, access, etc.)  The engineer uses the information gathered to create a site specific septic system design. Once a design is completed, it is submitted to the local Health Department for review, comments and ultimately approval. Health Department approval time may vary depending upon the time of year as their work loads vary.

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