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Drain Cleaning

Have your drains stopped working?  Have you noticed septic odors in your home or office?  Have you noticed wet spots near your septic system?  Is the problem recurring?  English Sewage Disposal, Inc. can help.  We offer drain cleaning as well as video line inspection services for both residential and commercial systems and drains.

Many homeowners as well commercial property owners first suspect they may have a problem when their toilets begin to flush “slowly” or overflow.  Sometimes they experience backups in their property.  Other times, they may notice toilet paper coming out of the exposed septic system cleanout.  All these symptoms could indicate a blocked or clogged line or point to a larger plumbing or system issue.

Many things that can cause a blockage or clogged drain line.  Flushing baby wipes, paper towels, etc. are definite “no-nos”.  Pouring grease down your kitchen drain is another “no-no”.  The grease can solidify and cause clogs and blockages.  Tree roots invading your drain pipes is another possible culprit.  Many times a blocked or clogged line may be cleared by snaking the line.  When this does not alleviate the problem, the line may need to be jetted or replaced.

Jetting is basically high-pressure washing of your drain line to clear the line of any built-up debris, grease, tree roots, or items that shouldn’t have been flushed down your toilet to begin with.

If the problem is recurring, you may have a more serious problem.  There could be a break or bend in the line, caused by parking or driving over your drain lines. Videoing the line gives us the ability to see inside your line and determine the most cost effective repair.



All Repairs

Septic system homeowners are unique. You have a daily responsibility to care of your septic system.  And when something goes wrong with a component of your system it’s your responsibility to get it fixed.  A simple repair can turn into a bigger problem when left unresolved. The best thing to do is to call and schedule a diagnostic test.  We will come out to assess the problem and provide a written estimate for all work needed. If you chose to move forward with the repair, a signature and deposit will be required before permit will be sent in.  All necessary paperwork required before starting the work is completed and submitted on your behalf.

All repairs are required to have an approved Health Department permit before any work can be performed. The permit waiting time varies by counties but can take approximately 5-10 business days for approval. Once permit is approved work will be scheduled immediately. The English Sewage Repair Technician will be on site for about 2-3 days.  After the work is completed, the repair must remain open in order for the Health Department to perform a mandatory inspection.  The HD Inspector will then approve the work completed and a Technician can then be scheduled to come back and backfill. The balance remaining on the work estimate is due upon the completion of the work.