Septic Services 24/7

Septic Pumping


English Sewage Disposal services residential and commercial septic systems as well as other wastewater pumping, transportation and related services.  English Sewage Disposal serves all South Jersey.

Our service technicians are trained to service your septic system properly by removal of all solids and scum.

We backwash your treatment tank to ensure the solids are removed.  This can only be done by pumping from the main tank access, not from the 4” cleanout!  This is critical to assure the maximum system life expectancy.

When proper service intervals are met  the septic tank effluent will be at its cleanest and provide the most protection for the system.

Dirty tank effluent results in pipe clogging and premature system failure.

“How often should a septic system serviced?”  This depends upon tank size and occupancy.

Since 1990, tank size is based on the number of bedrooms.  Pre 1990 systems can vary.

On average, we recommend residential septic tanks be serviced every eighteen (18) to twenty-four (24) months.   If you have more occupants living in your home than what the system was designed for, you will probably want to have it serviced more often.  For a quick answer call the office and we can calculate the optimal frequency based on occupancy.

“What does it cost to have my septic system serviced?”  The answer to that depends on location, tank size, access to the tank cover (buried, at grade, do you know where the tank is located) – Services are based on time and material.

Pump Stations


English provides pump station repair and restoration services for most commercial operations.   We provide scheduled and unscheduled routine maintenance, tank and drain cleaning as well as wastewater transportation and disposal solutions.   Services include repair and rebuild of commercial waste water pumps with quick turn around to keep your business working when your pumps let you down.